Available here with academic license on DVD or HD digital file (DSL)

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Available here with academic license on DVD or HD digital file (DSL)

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available for home use


Available here with academic license on DVD or HD digital file (DSL)

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ONE MIND, ALMS and VOWS are available in two formats with Educational License. The purpose of Educational License in general is to allow colleges, universities, qualified non-profits and other organizations to have these films in a media collection available to students and organization members on an on-going basis. 

  1. DVD
  2. DSL (HD digital file w/ digital site license)

DVD - Choose this option to purchase a DVD copy of the film/films for a library collection, for on-site screenings where no admission is charged. 

Universities, colleges, non-profit organizations (such as meditation centers, monasteries or NGOs), can purchase a DVD for classroom, organizational or library use by the acquiring institution for non-paying audiences (where admission is not charged) of less than 100 people on campus, organization or school grounds only. The term of the license is for the life of the DVD.

DSL - DIGITAL SITE LICENSE - Choose this option to own an HD digital copy of the film (1080x720 24P h.462 file) to locally host and stream to your community on a closed, password-protected system for the life of the digital file.

After you make your purchase, we will provide you with a password-protected link where you can download the digital file. Your institution is responsible for uploading the film onto a locally hosted server. By choosing this option you agree to host the film on a secure, password-protected, closed server network strictly limited to users affiliated with your school or organization. 

Why DSL? DSL allows unlimited streaming of the film for your license term. So films can be viewed from multiple on-site locations simultaneously. At a university, for example, hosting the film on a server on-campus will increase students’ access to the film. Our research indicates that students increasingly find it difficult to attend scheduled, group screenings on class days. The film can be viewed by students on their personal devices, at a time that is convenient for them. This also frees up in-class time. 

With a DSL license purchase we provide you with:

  • High res 1080x720 24P video file in H.264 format
  •  Cover jpg image

You may wish to acquire ONE MIND, ALMS and VOWS as a Hosted Streaming title for your institution or organization, where the films are available to your institution via a 3rd-party hosting platform and not hosted on your local server. Our distribution partner will make the film available as Hosted Streaming later this Fall, 2017. If this is what you are looking for, please write to us before making your purchase.