Commissioned video-shorts for non-profit and human interest organizations

"Listen to Me" - for Save the Children, China's "Positive Parenting" project, 2014

"Let Me Play" - for Save the Children, China's "Positive Parenting" project, 2014 

Hagar International, 2013 #03

a video-short on Trang, a social worker at Hagar Vietnam

I edited this video from footage for my on-going documentary project in Cambodia, River Dhamma.

Commonfolk Films, 2009

Video-short about Tiana Alexandra searching out an amazing Michael Jackson impersonator dancing in Hanoi, Vietnam

past clients include: 

  • Hagar International
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • United Nations International School
  • (GIZ) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
  • Plan International
  • Childfund
  • PACT
  • International Labor Organization
  • British Council
  • Health Right International


"Encourage Me" - for Save the Children, China's "Positive Parenting" project, 2014

Hagar International 2013 #01

a video on forgiveness and healing

Hagar International, 2013 #02

a video on finding strength

Also edited from the footage for River Dhamma

Plan International, 2012

Video-short produced by Paul Zetter and edited by Edward Burger for Plan's "Because I am a Girl" Campaign

UNICEF, 2012

A climate change story filmed by youth reporters as a part of a participatory workshop led by Paul Zetter.  Edited by Edward burger

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